Masterclass Good Corporate Governance – St Maarten

Mo. October 26 / Tu. October 27, 2015   &    Mo. November Masterclass-SXM09  / Tue. November 10, 2015

The University of the Dutch Caribbean (UDC), KEY Corporate and the Governance University (GU) offer a certified commissioner program titled: The Authentic and Effective Commissioner (AEC – XIX).

The program contributes to the understanding of your preferences when performing as a commissioner. After this program you will be able to better fulfill your role as a professional supervisor, to influence “board room dynamics” and through the insight obtained during this program you will be able to add specific value to the organization.

The program focuses on the professionalization and development of supervisors and commissioners through training, research and advice. Our programs are supervised by a board of trustees.

The University of the Dutch Caribbean (UDC), KEY Corporate and the  Governance University (GU) together offer the professionalization  program ‘The Authentic and Effective Commissioner’ (AEC) in Sint Maarten in 2015. The 19th edition of this program (AEC – XIX) has been customized for the situation in Sint Maarten. This training is accredited by the NBA and chartered accountants are eligible for 18 (PE) professional credits. Participants of the AEC – XIX program will receive a certificate.

Voor meer informatie kunt u de brochure hier downloaden.